Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.
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god i don’t even want to try dressing up as anything for the rest of the week anything i try is going to look really fucking stupid anyways

thanks mom! thanks for totally destroying any self esteem i had today!

Once a parent ‘m going to have any conversations with my children without including a dad joke in every single sentence

holy shit u got handsome

YEAH usually i’m pretty negative about my self image but when i compare it to my old self it’s just like. damn. nice job, kenneth

thank u so much anon


i don’t think i’m gonna be able to sleep until like five

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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ugh you know when you just feel this really large swell of anxiety and then instead of turning into something horrible it just kind of slowly deflates bc it’s the most comforting feeling in the world

Modest Mouse - Dramamine
Modest Mouse


Dramamine - Modest Mouse

I’ve said what I said and you know what I mean, but I still can’t focus on anything.

it didn’t work i’m so mad


Hahaha no nip Archer


Hahaha no nip Archer


Regarding dick-


Dick- is not advised as a traditional prefix.


I am cracking up here, I can’t stop laughing. I never knew that a dick tag was something Ailuronymy was going to need but there you go, ahaha. Also, I can’t help but think that “Regarding Dick” sounds like a really posh porn site, jesques fucking christ. This is already a disaster post and I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning that there’s a type of plant called a Penis Cactus. 

Okay, so. I think, even though Dichelostemma capitatum is a real plant that exists, it’s best for everyone if this prefix isn’t used, regardless of the clan’s location. No matter how much of a botanist you are, I think names like Dickstream, Dickstar, Dickfoot and Dickface are just going to give undesired mental images. 

Fuck it all, I’m laughing again.

Don’t use this prefix, for the love of ghosts.


do u think steve from blues clues is ok right now